As of January 1, 2015, Dr. Soliman, M.D no longer accepts any health coverage, both private and government-sponsored

Alternative Medicine Center     

Alternative Medicine Center

Our Mission is to provide our patients with the best treatment available through a multi-disciplinary holistic approach, including body, mind, and spirit treatment.This is accomplished through a unique combination of the best of alternative and complementary medicine, and the safest traditional western medicine pain management techniques.

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 Dr. Soliman is currently running off of a cancellation list for homeopathic appointments. 

Alternative Medicine Seminars  

Dr. Nader Soliman has taught physicians with a particular interest in integrating auricular medicine, auricular therapy, and homeopathy into biomedical and medical acupuncture practices to create practical and efficient therapeutic protocols for pain and medical problems. He has discovered  the "Three Phase Hand Acupuncture" system. 

Alternative Medicine Seminar Dates

Meridian MediSpa  / SolNatural Remedies       

 Meridian LogoMeridian Medíspa is a unique concept in skin care and a refuge for skin rejuvenation and renewal. Our highly trained staff combine the luxury and distinction of traditional spa techniques with state of the art medical technology. State of the art non-surgical cosmetic modalities are utilized to provide the best anti-aging and hair removal techniques

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SolNatural homeopathic medicines are made of plants, minerals, or animal products. That is why homeopathy is considered a natural medicine. The
se substances are prepared by a process of repeated dilution and succussion (shaking). This process makes them capable of stimulating the healing process.